Playground Rubber Chippings


How much MonsterMulch Bark or Chip do I need?

MonsterMulch or Chip at a depth of 5cm (2”) will
give sufficient
protection for a fall of up to
1.4 metres (4’6”). However we
recommend that
you use at least 10cm (4”) immediately around

any playequipment to ensure sufficient
depth is maintained in these busy areas.

Check our on line calculator for the
recommended amount for your play area

Does it require a lot of maintenance?

No, just rake over occasionally to ensure a tidy
appearance and to
maintain the correct depth.
Dead leaves and other garden debris can be
removed with a hand held blower without
dislodging the chippings.  


What is MonsterMulch Mulch and Chip
made of ?

MonsterMulch Mulch is made from recycled
aircraft and agricultural tyres and are
100% wire free. Rubber Chipping comes
from car tyres and so has some nylon cord
in it,but it too is made to be 99.99% wire free.

MonsterMulch Bark or Chip expensive ?

Initial costs are higher than with bark or
wood chip, however
as MonsterMulch 
does not rot or decompose it never needs
to be replaced.
Unlike bark and chippings
which require regular topping up or
annually to retain their
effectiveness as a safety surface.  

Is MonsterMulch Bark and Chip safe?

When compared against other products
tested at similar depths
offer superior fall protection. and  conforms
to BS EN 71(part 3),
and BS EN 1177, and are
approved as a loose fill safety play surface.

The rubber chips and water based coatings
are non-toxic and if
accidentally swallowed,
should pass through the digestive system
with no ill effect. 

How long will it last?

MonsterMulch Bark and Chip are made
from recycled vulcanised tyres and will
last for up to 50 years.

Will MonsterMulch Rubber Chippings
stain my childrens clothing?

No, the colour coating does not wash off
and unlike organic materials will not
stain clothing.  Will MonsterMulch be affected
by mould or fungus growth? No, as it is
an inert and hydrophobic material it will
not sustain organic growth such as mould.  

Does MonsterMulch Bark or Chip freeze?

No, MonsterMulch will not freeze and because
it does not retain water at all
the area remains useable in all but the
most severe weather conditions. Will it attract
insects? No, MonsterMulch does not sustain
insect life so avoiding the problem
of it being scattered all over your garden by
birds and other visitors on the look
out for a meal !

Will it attract insects?

No, Rubber Mulch Playground Rubber Chippings
does not sustain insect life
avoiding the problem
of it being scattered all over your garden by
birds and other visitors on the look
out for a meal !


Bonding Agents ?

To bind 100 Kilos of rubber mulch would
require 20 kilos of resin.