How to Bond Rubber Mulch

Bonding Guidelines

1) The ground should be dry and free of dust before starting

and needs to be kept dry during the 24 hour curing process


2) This process has been designed to be installed without

the need for ground preparation so it can be laid on to grass
or concrete even when it is uneven although the ground

does need to be stable.


3) Use a suitable mixer to blend in 2kg of binder

per 10 kilo bag of rubber ratio 5:1 or 20%


4) Mixed for around 5 minutes or until it looks evenly

and consistent through out.


5) Transfer the mix to the appropriate position on the floor

(no need to apply primer);spread out to desired depth

using a floor trowel and a straight edge.
Keep tools clean by

occasionally wiping with diesel.


6) Fit up to rubber kerbstones or simply taper the
edges to

finish. Although it
will be dependent on weather

you can expect it to
be touch dry in about an hour and

approximately 24 hours later.

A more detailed laying instruction guide available on request.