Resin to bond Rubber Mulch

Detailed laying method

• Rubber mulch and resin are delivered to site in 25kegs.

• Ensure the porous geo textile membrane (if required) is layed.

• Have ready a clean concrete mixer.

• You need gloves, trowel, depth block, cloth, funnel,

• measuring jug and big bucket.

• You may need at least one 10 kg bag or other bucket

• to measure mulch or chipping.  

• Place 10kg of mulch in the mixer (even if it can hold more).

• start turning the mixer.

• Ensure the full measure of resin binder goes

into measuring the jug.

• Add 2kg of resin to the mix for the recommended

20% or 1:5 ratio.

• Let the rubber and resin blend for 3-5 minutes

• Empty into the bucket or wheel barrow.  


Transfer to site and pour onto area. No need for heavy tools.
the recommended 40mm-100mm depth can be laid in just one pass.
Easy to work, just smooth out with a floor trowel and 'pad down'
according to your own project needs. Use of a roller or other
mechanical compacting tool is not normally required.   Use a block to gauge a consistent depth Edges can be
tapered into the ground; no need for borders; or they can
finish sharp to suit easy continuing with a different colour
if desired. A two man experienced install
team could achieve in the region of 50-70 sq metres per day.   This system is designed to be installed for a wide variety of
applications, subject to the performance requirements for your
particular application and your
existing site conditions, the degrees of preparation may vary.


For example if a woodland pathway or around trees, simply consolidating the
soil and allowing the bonded bark to follow the contours around the trees,

would achieve the desired effect; however, if around a high piece of

playground equipment, it is essential that a consistent thickness

of the bonded bark is maintained.